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About TK Finishers

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Who We Are

SINCE 2016

Welcome to a brighter world!

Okay, so most people actually say hello on the main homepage - and we will do this too. But if you just wanted to know more about TK Finishers in Portsmouth, then this page will explain more.

Our Services

TK Finishers cover shot blasting, powder coating, and galvanizing and lots more...

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Quality Applications

From household to industrial, our factory caters for the individual to the company needs...

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  • TK Finishers
    Mission Statement
  • TK Finishers
    Vision Statement
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    Value Statement
Mission Statement

TK Finishers seeks to achieve

We are a powder coating, wet spray specialist providing services for businesses located in Hampshire for all types of industries.

  • An all-inclusive and reliable choice in powder coating.
  • Proactive approach when it comes to customer satisfaction.
  • Maintain honesty, integrity and provide excellence.
Vision Statement

TK Finishers aims to

Continue and develop its place in a metal coating industry where other businesses value our services and applications.

  • We strive to be a highly efficient, enterprising.
  • To maintain our place as a respected company.
  • To provide quality and service for the metal surface industry.
Value Statement

TK Finishers believes in Value

With current economic pressures, it is important to us that we make sure that both we and customers always benefit.

  • At all times you will get a fair price.
  • To continue using only quality products.
  • Remain approachable and maintain friendships with you all.